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Let’s find out how it may benefit or affect programmers

Stack Overflow has sold to Prosus for 1.8 billion USD. Prosus is one of the world’s leading technology investors with stakes in companies like Tencent, Brainly, BYJU’s, Codecademy, Udemy, and more.

Stack Overflow is one of the most heavily engaged sites in the world, Since 2008. Almost every programmer, system admin, or data scientist depends on this site. I like one of their slogans:

Every developer has a tab open to Stack Overflow

Now, after this huge acquisition, many developers are wondering if it will be the same? …

He was a great problem solver, and I called him Mr. Anderson

Person programming at a computer
Person programming at a computer

In my three and a half years journey as a CEO, I have worked with more than 50 to 60 programmers. Though the number is not that big, I am lucky that I have worked with some really good programmers.

I still remember one of my colleagues and one of the best programmers I have worked with.

I called him “Mr. Anderson” because we both were big fans of The Matrix, and he kind of looked like Keanu Reeves. :D

The first time he got my attention happened when, one day, after finishing a task, he was still looking at…

Opportunity to earn from $500 to $50,000 per month

Suitcase full of money
Suitcase full of money

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? But the problem is everyone has a job, and to earn extra money, we have to give extra time.

Regularly working extra hours is almost impossible and also harmful for your physical and mental health.

That’s where passive income comes. You can earn money without actively working. There are many ways to create passive income but let’s talk about how programmers can do it.

What is passive income?

Passive income is the money you earn that doesn’t require you to do a lot of “active” work to continue making it. Like if you own a house…

Let’s talk about the truth, rumor, and endgame of programmers

older man and woman sitting on a couch working on their laptops
older man and woman sitting on a couch working on their laptops

Why don’t we see a decent number of grey-haired software developers in the industry? Where do all the programmers go when they are older? Do companies cut out older programmers?

If a programmer in their 50s applies for a position with some in their 20s or 30s, how many companies will hire them? There are a lot of myths about this issue, and there are some hard truths too.

It’s certainly shocking to see 40, even 35, considered “old” sometimes. The term old is used here to mean when programmers plan to retire or switch their jobs.

Let’s talk about…

Just don’t lie too much on your resume

Work meeting
Work meeting

Firing employees is one of the hardest jobs I have faced as a CEO. We are only a company of 20-25 people and I have personal relationships with almost all of the employees, making firing any of them even harder.

From my experience with interviewing 300+ candidates, I have noticed that about 50%-60% of the interviewees lie on their resumes. Some lies are minor. I overlook most of them, though I am not sure if that’s OK or not!

I even Googled the topic and found an interesting fact: A survey from Checkster indicated that 78% of job-seekers lie during…

Too much customization is a mess

Since last year, we are suffering from one issue in our business. That’s customers’ constant requests for some new features for our software.

As a startup, our primary focus is to solve customer’s problems. But we also have to keep in mind one thing, one customer’s need is not every customers’ need.

Every startup needs a specific time to build a functional product. And when startups work in a niche sector, they have to innovate all the time. And it needs time. I can tell you about my startup.

Our startup’s age is only 2+ years, and we launched our…

A fascinating story of making a $300k investment into $2.4B

Do you know Garry Tan? If you don’t, you should. He is the Co-founder and managing partner of Initialized Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund that was earliest in Coinbase and Instacart.

I think you have heard about Coinbase. Coinbase is a platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others.

Garry Tan was one of the early-stage investors of Coinbase. He founded the company in 2012, and now he is a billionaire! Recently in a video, he has described the amazing story of investing in Coinbase.

How Garry met with the founder of Coinbase

It was March 2012. Brian Armstrong, the…

A motivating and inspiring story of an entrepreneur

Ritesh Agarwal. Remember the name. A simple Indian boy who built a $10B startup, “OYO”. It has become the world’s 2nd largest hotel chain as of December 2019.

OYO currently has over 17,000 employees globally, of which approximately 8000 are in India and South Asia. OYO Hotels & Homes is a full-fledged hotel chain that leases and franchises assets. The company has generated around a million job opportunities in India and South Asia alone.

OYO is the short form of “On Your Own”. The vision was to provide hotel rooms with affordable prices but great quality. …

Do some good for the earth and win the $100M

On Thursday, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined XPrize’s chairman to announce a $100 million Carbon Removal competition.

Team registration opens with the announcement of the full competition guidelines on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2021. The competition will last for 4 years through Earth Day 2025.

Though Musk first announced it in January 2021.

Contest brief

The contest aims to incentivize innovators across the world to come up with a large-scale project that “can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans, and sequester it durably and sustainably,” according to the competition’s website.

To win the prize teams must…

Series lessons

This series is a complete package of entertainment, excitement, and a lot of learning!

“Suits” is wonderful television series I have ever seen. It’s mainly about a New York City law firm, An extraordinary lawyer Harvey and his fraud associate Mike. I am not giving any spoiler here. But I say in this article I can’t tell enough about what a wonderful show it is!

I have become a better entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur. This series single-handedly taught me how to negotiate. How to win in a conversation. One important thing I have learned in this series that “If you can settle, don’t go to war!”.I have also learned about risk-taking, bluffing, and many more.

Another important lesson I…


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