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At least in their first ten years

People working at an open office
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Recently I was talking with one of my programmers who joined my company two months ago. He has joined as a junior programmer, and he never stays in a company for more than one and a half years.

He is not alone. Most of the good programmers I have seen…

Even I hire most candidates from networks rather than posting on a job portal

Networking event
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You might have noticed that sometimes more skilled programmers are earning less than others. There could be many reasons behind this, but a lack of communication or networking is the biggest.

Think from the company’s perspective. …

I have met many developers in interviews who think they are senior developers — they are not

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Experience is a mandatory requirement for every senior developer job requirement. But experience alone doesn’t make you a senior developer.

So what’s the secret? It’s a complicated question and probably doesn’t have a real answer. Often, developers think of themselves as senior developers but lack some of the attributes.


Several factors you have to keep in mind before choosing Firebase for your projects

Remnants of old building
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Google’s Firebase is an excellent serverless framework for developers and companies. In fact, my first experience in the cloud was with Firebase. I was an Android developer.

As I had just started my startup, I had no funding to hire additional developers who could help me in the backend. So…

Opportunity to earn from $500 to $50,000 per month

Suitcase full of money
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Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money? But the problem is everyone has a job, and to earn extra money, we have to give extra time.

Regularly working extra hours is almost impossible and also harmful for your physical and mental health.

That’s where passive income comes. You can…

Facebook is building a world of its own!

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Facebook has come up with a new technology that they call “Metaverse”. Metaverse is, as announced, a service for future generations to live in the world that they want. A virtual experience where new industries might be created along. A revolution for human technology.

Here is all you need to…

Habits can destroy or build our careers. So choose them wisely.

Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash

Time is the most valuable asset we all know. Every great developer I know values their time so much. I think it’s one of the main reasons behind their success.

Wasting time is a sin in my eyes. …

Developers who can hack part-time jobs never want to go back.

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If full-time jobs are 40-hours/week, 20 hours/week should be called part-time jobs. 20 hours/week not only would make your life wonderful but also boost your career in a significant way.

Do you think the part-time developers are doing their part-time jobs because they are not getting full-time jobs? …

Better prepare before your career is at stake

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

When people change jobs, they have to go through a lot. That’s why they hate it. But it’s much harder for programmers. Because a programmer has to learn the new company’s tech project first, it takes time and a lot of effort.

Sometimes programmers have to learn a whole new…

Most programmers even don't know that they are writing bad code

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If you are a programmer, I am sure you use something like Github to store your code. Just look at the old code you wrote a year ago or more. …


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