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I have met many developers in interviews who think they are senior developers — they are not

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Experience is a mandatory requirement for every senior developer job requirement. But experience alone doesn’t make you a senior developer.

So what’s the secret? It’s a complicated question and probably doesn’t have a real answer. Often, developers think of themselves as senior developers but lack some of the attributes.


Several factors you have to keep in mind before choosing Firebase for your projects

Remnants of old building
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Google’s Firebase is an excellent serverless framework for developers and companies. In fact, my first experience in the cloud was with Firebase. I was an Android developer.

As I had just started my startup, I had no funding to hire additional developers who could help me in the backend. So…

You need to act and sound professional when you talk with your clients

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Freelancing is something every developer should often do. Almost every programmer gets a proposal to make an app or website or something from their friends or some clients.

Most of them reject the offers because they think that handling client is a very hard job, so they think they can't…


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