Heyy everybody! Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions! I understand that you are wondering if he really lied or not. Our CTO confirmed me that he lied. If I talk more about it, you will understand. But I don't want to. Because I felt bad for him even after all of this and I tried not to talk about him much in this article!

But as many want to know. We didn’t even disrespect him by telling him that “why he lied”? Rather before letting him go we told him how he could improve his skills. He also thought and told that he wasn’t ready for that position. We even offered him junior position but he rejected.

My whole point of this article is you shouldn’t lie in the resume. So I tried to talk less about him. And thanks to all you who suggested me to improve my hiring process. We are working on that. I appreciate all of your suggestions!

Tech entrepreneur | Change maker | Enthusiastic about AI and Blockchain

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