My Friend Quit His Job the Day After Getting Humiliated

Humiliation in front of others should be stopped

Abrar Masum
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Recently, one of my friends quit his job because his manager humiliated him in front of all the other programmers due to a bug he created during coding.

The company was going through a change. They were moving from a tech stack (I forgot which one) to the MERN stack. So there was a lot of pressure from the management to the tech team.

An engineering manager indeed has to carry enormous pressure from time to time. But handling pressure is a part of the job. You cannot release your pressure by scolding/humiliating your fellow programmers.

My friend faced a similar kind of situation two years ago.

He Was a Senior Programmer There

Senior programmer means something, right? The engineering manager is superior to senior programmers by designation and power. But a good engineering manager knows how to control a team.

My friend was a senior programmer there. He worked there for three years. A new engineering manager was hired to move their tech stack to the MERN stack.

The engineering manager was unprofessional from time to time. A new engineering manager who was only working there for six months cannot scold a senior programmer in front of a bunch of junior programmers. Actually, no one should.

When my friend told me the story, his eyes almost filled with tears. I knew my friend for a long time. He is an introvert, and I have never seen him angry and sad.

I asked him what did the manager tell him? After finding the bug, my friend said that the manager told him he had no qualifications to be a senior programmer.

He also said that even a junior programmer should not make that mistake. The worst part is he told him this in front of junior programmers.

He said sorry several times to him, but the manager didn’t stop. He continued to humiliate him for several minutes straight.

He Resigned the Next Day

My friend resigned the next day. Though both the CTO and CEO apologized to him for the incident, he…



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