Thanks Marcin for share your opinion. I respect your opinion. But honestly I tried not to talk much about him in this article. I just wanted to share the fact that one shouldn't lie. If I shared the whole story, even a non tech person will understand his references are not valid. And before we let him go, our CTO discussed his problems with him. He also gave him some resources how he could improve his skill. Let's not talk about him much. Because i liked him and i hate to talk bad about him.

And also hiring him is our's fault and we are trying to improve our hiring process.

I am interested about the point "passion". Don't you think that a candidate who has passion in his own work( for a tech guy it can be coding) is better than who don't? I am not saying an employee has to be passionate about the business.

Tech entrepreneur | Change maker | Enthusiastic about AI and Blockchain

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